What do Adur & Worthing Council Services do for us?

After working early ish starts in Lancing over the past 5 years I get to see how hard the Adur and Worthing Council Services team works every day. They are often first on the scene when bad things happen and there to clean up when we are all having fun at large local events that we are lucky enough to enjoy here in Adur.

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Clearing, sorting and recycling our waste is a massive job that they undertake every day, I know I take it for granted that the rubbish I throw in the bin all week will be collected and processed, do you?

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While operating refuse, recycling and street cleansing services for households and businesses in Adur and Worthing, so far this year (April 1st – August 31st) AWCS have collected:  .  .  .  .  .

  • 14,090 tonnes of household refuse, the most in a given month was July with the lowest being June.
  • They have collected 613 tonnes of road sweepings, mainly mud, grit and leaf waste.
  • In the same period AWCS collected 115 tonnes of dog poo.
  • Every day they visit 15,200 properties and collect refuse of all types.
  • Each crew member can be expected to walk 10 miles per day collecting bins.
  • The current recycling rate is around 35%.  AWCS believe there is another 20% of material that is regularly thrown away in the refuse that could be recycled.


If Adur and Worthing Council Services didn’t collect our refuse, clear up the spills on the road, clear up the rubbish and dead animals that appear on the Adur streets as if by magic in the mornings, how long do you think it would take the fabric of society as a whole to break down? I think we all take our green and mostly tidy pleasant land for granted just a bit.

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If it snows then they are all at work busy clearing roads, pavements and keeping Adur moving, when it thaws they clear up the defrosting dog mess that appears in the slush. Every time the wind blows at this time of year a few hundred sacks of leaves fall on our streets and when the heavy downpours come they deal with blocked roads and keeping crew morale high, no fun doing a long walk in damp clothing and heavy rain.


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Next time you get the recycling ready on bin night, spare a thought for the AWCS crews that are out doing ten miles a day pulling and pushing dirty bins. The cost per household is around 70p a week, or 10p a day, I recon that’s a pretty good deal still, let’s hope they don’t introduce “refuse meters” like the water companies did and double our bills anytime soon!


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Thanks to Paul Willis at AWCS for his help in providing the facts and figures to make this article.