Loose a tree here, Prune a tree there….

Brooklands 6  Brooklands 2


Some people love them, Some people don’t…

But nether the less they are a part of our landscape in and around the

village of Lancing and can help to make the place look very quaint in

the summer time and help to bring a vast array of colour in autumn,


But what would you say about those more established trees that line our

roads, be it a residential road or a village high street area, That are due to

be felled because they cause a small inconvenience?

SAM_0708  SAM_0707


Does leaf fall each winter cause that much of an inconvenience? Do they

really block that much light during the summer months?

I can understand some trees that need to be bought back under control

where they have been left to grow too tall and start to become dangerous

to property and people around them, But do we really need to lose

more trees and life from our high street….?