Local IT Learning group in Lancing nears 100 successful new web surfers.


Online learning in Lancing

Adur Voluntary Action is a local group based in Shoreham, Lancing and Sompting, that has been running free internet access and IT support workshops for over a year now. They are nearing the 100 graduate mark, of people who have passed their basic web literacy course. The graduates and the group as a whole are very proud of the project so far, and rightly so.

The group helps people pick up the basic IT skills that many of us take for granted. With informal sessions, supported by local volunteers passionate about IT, learning is fun and rewarding.

For many people the act of getting a computer, getting it hooked up to broadband, then getting an email account and surfing the web seems a mountain to climb. Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we all use computers and have made it a lot easier for us all to get online.

Whatever system you use, we all need a basic knowledge of the internet and how to use email and web services.  After tea and chocolate biscuits we set about learning the very basics of what computers, tablets and  smartphones can do right now and how to use them properly and safely online.

Village Action Lancing

The village action shop in Lancing.

There was a good mix of people and skill levels there and it was great learning how people outside of the IT loop see things and the technological challenges they face on a day to day basis. For a start everything is moving online now, it’s cheaper and more efficient for a company to put Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on its website than man a customer support team. This FAQ world doesn’t help those still outside of the web revolution.

The group I attended all had issues with getting information and were very keen to get started. Many had been bought tablets by family friends that know the benefits of these new devices, others just wanted a little extra confidence to set up their own accounts and start using the web and its many advantages. After a few hours everybody had their own email address and had sent and received an email. Once you know the basics a whole world of information and opportunities is there online. It was great to help some new people gain more online confidence and skills.


Andy Brook helping students use email for the first time.

Do you want to learn basic IT skills and more in Shoreham, Lancing, or Sompting? Learn how to use that tablet you have sitting there to its full potential, or learn how to set up a laptop with email or use Skype? Adur Voluntary Action is a group based in Adur and they are ready to help. Contact them to book a class today for those not already online. Oh, and it’s FREE!

Adur online learning was started by Tom Brook in 2013, with support and help from Adrian Barratt, Sarah Leading and Andy Brook. They have received National Lottery funding and support from Adur District Council to help them to continue helping people to get online and get connected.   Visit their website here


Drop into the Village Action shop in lancing to find out more.