Local Airshow Tragedy Shock

Living in Lancing means we are only a few minutes’ drive from Shoreham airport. This morning we have received about 4 calls from concerned family members who were getting up to speed with the tragic news this morning after hearing rumors throughout the evening. I am sure that this is a scene repeated all over the Worthing and Shoreham areas.

Shoreham2015-1 Shoreham-41

Yesterday a Hawker Hunter jet crashed after just started its display at the RAFA Shoreham Airshow at around 1.20pm. It failed to pull out of a dive and crashed into the A27 just north of the airport between Brighton and Worthing, almost directly onto the busy traffic lights were people often stand to watch the airshow.

Shoreham-31 Shoreham-1

It has been shocking to watch this event unfold across social media and the news, our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the event.