Lancing Beach Fit Building Near Completion

The Lancing Network has been visiting the building on Beach Green in Lancing to see how things are progressing. There have been many changes inside and out, Alex the building owner walked me through the latest ones.


The biggest change is to the side of the building that faces the road. The curved wood paneling has covered all on the air conditioning, ducting and pipe work for the building and given it some much needed character and shape. This change has had a real impact on the feel of the building and has been liked by Lancing residents on social media so far. It is more than just a large box when you look at it from the road or on foot, the views through the building should really set it apart and create a focal point for people visiting Lancing in the future.

I spoke with Paul Crane the owner of Beach Fit Gym in Shoreham. His company is running the gym that is to be housed in the lower right section of the building. They are going to be one of the first gyms in the country to feature gym equipment that generates its own energy, extending the buildings green credentials even further.

SAM_1474-2000 SAM_1473-2000

SurfSet training is also something new that you won’t find at any other local gym. It was created to challenge your body in new ways, engaging your core and stabiliser muscles with overall body balance, achieving that surfer body shape we all want. They also have a Startrac BoxMaster, a fantastic looking boxing training platform, endorsed and used by Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman himself, visit the Beach Fit Website to see more.

SAM_1486-2000 SAM_1488-2000

The deadline to get the building finished means the team working onsite are doing many long hours. Everybody looked very tired but all were quietly confident that things were moving forward towards the final goal of opening in June. After overcoming so many obstacles to get to this point I think they will keep going now until the building is finished without too many issues. They still have a fair way to go before getting there, but I think they will make it. Similar to when the Queen comes to visit, people will have been behind the scenes cleaning and painting stuff right up to the moment the tape is cut.


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