Lancing beach building bounces back

The large building on the seafront at Beach Green Lancing has definitely been on a ‘journey’ to get to the stage it is at now.

Beach Green Lancing (8) Beach Green Lancing (7)

It’s changed owners a few times, with the different parties having different visions for how the building should be used. It has come in for its fair share of criticism with the majority of local residents being vehemently opposed to it becoming yet another block of flats right on the beach. Now a balance has been struck between a limited amount of residential space, hotel accommodation, a 120 cover café and water sports centre. This balance seems to have satisfied the majority of doubters so far. What do you think?

Beach Green Lancing (6) Beach Green Lancing (3)

Right now the building is in the best state we have seen for a while and work is continuing at a steady pace. The website for the building  shows artists impressions of what it should look like when complete. If finished to the high standards shown on the website, it will really stand out on our coastline and bring in trade and tourism to the area.

Beach Green Lancing (5) Beach Green Lancing (4)

Pictures taken just before Christmas on the building’s Facebook page, show the under floor heating going in. With the amount of work going into the construction the finished result will hopefully be awesome! I took these pictures one morning this week and the guys were hard at work laying floors and sealing the space completely.

More for this Kitesurfing Mecca….

Kitesurfing continues to increase in popularity in Lancing, with the area receiving a three year extension to continue training new kitesurfers on Lancing Beach Green. A custom water sports centre on the beach is only going to attract more kitesurfers to the area. Maybe we could hold national competitions in a year or so with a party or festival after the events on the green?

Beach Green Lancing (2) Beach Green Lancing (1)

We at the Lancing Network really can’t wait to see the building complete, realise its full potential and have it become part of the vibrant Lancing community.
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