Is AMAZON Taxing Our Local Services?

If like me you live and work in Lancing, you might have noticed a lot more white vans on our Business District for the past few months, lots more vans, especially around the Chartwell Road one way loop. The vans are so many in number that parking regulations are being ignored and the whole one way system is more blocked than usual. Lancing Network members have told us that the congestion is causing issues like illegal parking (tons of it like you wouldn’t believe) near misses and aggressive drivers grouping in packs around the circuit we all need to use. What the hell is going on?

Amazon UK is using the Smiths News depot as a delivery hub for all local parcels that get taken to local shops and newsagents for local collection, as shown in these following two new pictures. I can clearly see the AMAZON logo on the box.


SAM_2598_Logo  SAM_2595_Logo

When new goods are delivered to the Smiths News site in Chartwell Road Lancing on articulated lorries they are unceremoniously dropped off onto the concrete with no outside cover. That precious item you purchased for Nan for Christmas shouldn’t be out in the rain should it? The parcels are then picked over in public and in the fresh air without any obvious system or order, it seems first come, first served and that causes issues for anybody that needs to drive round the park. Have you seen the spectacle of the “Amazon Aid Drop” every day after the big lorries deliver? Is Amazon showing enough care and attention to your Christmas gifts you might be thinking about purchasing online over the next few weeks? These photos were taken when it was sunny, are you happy that your electrical items are now being left outside in the rain?

SAM_2613_Logo  SAM_2587_Logo

According to Lancing Network sources, Amazon UK, who is employing all the vans and drivers, was planning to move to a new more suitable location on October the 1st, but unfortunately wasn’t able to secure the site. It now looks they will be stuck here over the Christmas period for sure.

SAM_2599_Logo  SAM_2619_Logo

Many parking tickets have already been issued, but not all can be enforced as many of the drivers are not registered here in the UK. For repeat offenders the local council can seize the van in question, something they haven’t had to do yet but may well be on the cards in the near future, more unwanted pressure on our local services.

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