Fishy business and creepy goings on in Sompting

While walking to the shops for milk this week, I noticed a new shop opening nearby another local success story. Tarantulabarn in Sompting is celebrating 25 years in business this year.




I can remember visiting pet shops like this with my parents just to see the beautiful animals on show. Tarantulabarn has that same feel to it with different creatures and beasties everywhere you look! The business owner mentioned that Sundays are one of their busiest days and when they have special open days there is a queue at the door to get in! The shop owner was proud to say that Tarantulabarn offers the cheapest prices on the south coast due to the way they source all stock directly from their suppliers, cutting out the middle man.

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They also rescue exotic animals when they can. I saw a beautiful yellow python warming itself under a heat lamp in the snake section at the rear of the shop. The snake just became too much for its owner to handle so the Tarantulabarn offered to rescue it. Sometimes people pass away leaving exotic animals without a home, I would imagine you need a specialist set of skills to look after an animal like this beautiful snake.


“I think it will be good for both of us.”


I asked Tarantulabarn how they felt about another shop opening up, selling live animals so close to them


“I think it will be good for both of us.” the business owner replied.

“People that have snakes, reptiles and spiders often have fish as well.”

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Tarantulabarn’s new neighbour is called Aqua Fish. They are aquatic specialists selling a good selection of marine, tropical & coldwater fish, they also have a large range of aquarium products in store and on their website. The shop, run by Mark Lane, is taking shape a little more every day. He explained to me why the tanks were all still empty at the moment, “The tanks are still proofing, getting them ready to put fish in. It takes a while to get the water right.”.


“The response through Facebook has been fantastic. . . ”


“The response through Facebook has been fantastic, and local people have been so positive. We will be having a full opening weekend soon when we have fully stocked our tanks.” he said.

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The shop looks great and I can’t wait to see what varieties of fish and aquatic animals they have when fully stocked. BN15 9PT as a postcode gets you two great stores, fish and aquatic supplies on the left and spiders snakes and reptiles on the right.


If it crawls, swims, or jumps, Sompting has it by the cage or tank load!


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