Eating and Drinking in Lancing

Harvester  As a village, Lancing has a wide and varied

range of places to socialise in, From café’s to

pubs and restaurants including some of the

larger “chain restaurant” venue’s.

Place’s like “Miller & Carter” and “Harvester”

serve a good choice of food, but then there are the independent places like “Meze Meze”

and “Prithi Raj” also catering to all tastes and likes….


Lancing is also not short of a few pubs that are fighting for our business, place’s like the

“New Sussex Hotel” (the old “Three Horse Shoes”) and the “Crabtree Inn” and

“The Merry Monk” to name but a few in the centre of Lancing,

merrymonk1024  merrymonk1024 3


Also the Village has a thriving Café culture with many people using the local café’s that are

doted throughout the village centre up “South Street” and “North Road”. Café’s include

“The Rainbow Café”, “Time Out” and “Queens Way Café” plus many more…..


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