Does Brooklands smell worse this year?

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Brooklands Park, set between Lancing and Worthing, is a local park with Go Karting, a café, miniature railway, children’s playground, and a 9 hole pitch and putt golf course. The park was reclaimed from an old council waste tip back in the 1950’s and has some beautiful trees and open spaces to enjoy. The park does need a little bit of attention with some of the features showing their age and need for renovation.

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That said, on a sunny day the park is a fantastic destination for local families who want a nice walk and a cup of tea after going on the railway and other attractions.

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Recently the water quality has been brought into question, with many local birds in seemingly ill health. The smell that the lake produces on some days is pretty bad. All employees of the Lancing Business Park will know this stench well as they suffer it when entering and leaving the park each day.

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The lake has suffered due to sewage being let into it back in 2013. A few months afterwards lumps of black algae rose to the surface, resulting in the deaths of many birds, fish, and mammals. The algae lumps are in fact colonies of Cyanobacteria and a Blue Green Algae called Oscillatoria. Last week the Environment Agency put a harmless green dye into the lake to see the impact the water from Brooklands Park has on the bathing quality of the sea. Did you realise that the situation in the Brooklands pond is impacting the water quality of the sea for bathing and watersports such as Kitesurfing!?

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Does the water quality and the smell of Brooklands affect you, your business, or your quality of life? I live near enough to smell it sometimes, I couldn’t imagine living right next to it when it is at its worst.

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