Could this be the new Morrisons in Lancing?

After recently confirming that they were bringing a “M local” store to Lancing and advertising online for staff to run and manage it, the location of the new Morrisons store still remains a mystery. One of the possible locations could be the old Nat West bank building which Is centrally located right next to the post office in Lancing 1 minutes walk from the station.

SAM_9374Morrisons Southampton


A spokesman from Morrisons recently said:

“We’re looking at a number of sites to bring our M local offering to Lancing and look forward to sharing our plans with the community when these progress”.

“Our M locals create around 20 new jobs and recruitment is underway to make sure that we have a great team ready for a store.”

Could this be the new Morrisons in Lancing? We think the building would suit it well, the finished M local store on the right is in Southampton. As an M local store the old Nat West building we all know so well might be perfect.

With shops returning to Lancing we are looking forward to see what Morrisons has to offer shoppers in our village. It will be interesting to see if it adds more competition and value to our options without damaging our local traders who have all had it tough over the past few years.

If this isn’t the location for the new Morrisons M local store, where do you think it will be located?

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