Are we closer to finding the new Morrisons M local in Lancing?

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The location of the new Morrisons M local store in Lancing is a hotly debated subject among Lancing Network members on Facebook and Twitter alike.

After last week’s blog about the possible location of the new M Local store in the old Natwest building in Lancing, many of our followers on Twitter were keen to suggest other locations and discuss the validity of the Natwest building as a location.

Possible locations for the new Morrisons M Local store so far . . . .

Natwest building


The Salvation Army shop

The Farmers pub



OK, so how do we separate the fact from fiction?

Let’s start with Poundstretcher as a possible location, it is well placed, right between Co-Op and Asda and will have great footfall passing the store. When I spoke to local shopkeepers about the possibility of Morrisons replacing Poundstretcher one local business owner who wanted to remain anonymous said

“No way, even though the shop looks scruffy with all the boxes in the windows it is still really busy all day every day.”

So if Poundstretcher is doing really well (from the size of the lorries delivering stock it looks about right) we can cross that one off the list for now I suppose.

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The Salvation Army shop is another location mentioned on Twitter, although the shop could well be big enough and has no local competition down in South Lancing we feel it would suffer from a lack of footfall passing the store.

SAM_9666 SAM_9661

The Farmers pub is another location mentioned on Twitter and by some local shopkeepers. The building is beautiful and is such an iconic part of Lancing, could you see it being converted into an M Local store?

Many people on Twitter think that this is a crazy suggestion, but it is a possibility as pubs are doing less well with many younger people not taking up the pub drinking culture at all. Many people think iconic buildings like this need to be protected from conversion to “another generic store” what do you think? Get in touch on Twitter @Lancing_Network


The other two suggestions for the new M Local in Lancing were where the Co-Op and Asda stores are currently operating. I remember them changing places a few years ago which was confusing for a few days, but I can’t see either of them closing and letting a M Local store in just yet. Perhaps Co-Op as they have had some trading difficulties over the past year, what do you think?

Much of the speculation has been regarding getting the store ready for the busy Christmas trading period. Many thought that Morrisons were leaving it very late to get the shop fitted-out and the staff trained in time.

After speaking to somebody locally who applied for a position at Morrisons themselves, we think the new store will be opened in the New Year and not before Christmas. One local business owner said

“The new Morrisons is going into a place that is under performing at the moment, they are waiting for that businesses lease to end, this happens in the New Year.”

SAM_9469 SAM_9470

I think that we will find out soon enough where the new South Lancing Morrisons store will go, somebody will come home with green paint splatters on their clothes from decorating the interior, when it happens let the Network know.

Do you know where the New Morrisons M Local store I going to be located in Lancing? Do you know someone coming home covered in that particular Morrisons shade of green? Let the Network know by contacting us on Twitter.